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staring down bullies
that leer and loom,
though their shoe
weighs more than you do

funny faces with crossed eyes and waggling
fingers to chase away
the teasing words;
uniting together against the popular kids
that don't understand
why we're friends when you're you
and i'm me

growing together, physically,
mentally and emotionally, taking strength
from each other, learning
wrong from right and right from left,
and knowing that even though we're growing up,
age is mind over matter;
as long as we're together,
if you don't mind, it doesn't matter

graduation, that great accomplishment,
a ceremonial walk across the stage,
heart drilling a cadence
as we laugh, dance, cheer --
we're all together,
you, me, us, them --
together for the last time
because life starts now,
and nothing will ever be the same

moving miles away, no longer
in walking or driving distance,
unreliable internet the only means
of communication was we struggle
to piece a relationship
       t o g e t h e r

four am phone calls,
one wired, the other groggy
with murmured jokes from one end, laughter
from the other as we
get through the night,
alone an in an unfamiliar place

meteor showers at midnight
with our feet dipped in the pool,
pointing as lights arc across the sky,
both hearts wishing at once for
the same thing
i wish we could be

and knowing,
for some inexplicable reason,
that no matter what comes,
we will pull through

Originally this was for a contest. And it was "what it means to be strong". But I glanced through the contest submissions folder and I saw "what it means to be a friend", and I started thinking...

And I realized that there's a big difference between a friend and a best friend. There's a difference between someone you meet and know and someone that you meet and grow with.

I would know. I nearly lost my best friend over an event in which we both acted stupidly, and when I tried to fill that hole with a "friend" just wasn't the same.

This is for Kayla, my best friend.
I love you, and I missed you.

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tanya3286 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2011  Professional Writer
:heart: This piece had been chosen as one of the Featured Deviations of the Week by :iconfeature-me-weekly: :heart:
It will also be featured in our monthly news article! Don't forget to :+favlove: it when it comes out!
thepinkrachael Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a really lovely poem :) I love the way it travels through your time together and describes them so well.

It made me think about the journey my best friend and I have been on too, especially when you end up moving away from each other, as I did not so long ago, and try to maintain the same relationship, and that realisation that even though things change, go wrong, get messed up along the way, in the end a best friend is just that and it will all work out ok! Thanks for making me appreciate my best friend even more than I already did!
OffToNeverland123 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
AWWWWW thats soo sweet!!!!
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